Sim Summary

As the settlers of Planet Middle Earth await the start of the World simulation they assemble themselves (all eighteen of them) with purple shirts and jeans as well as a headband to represent the egalitarian equality amongst them all. The leader, ‘Big Mama’, is wearing all green distinctly setting herself apart to represent her direction to the others with upcoming decisions, wisdom, and advice. We are a non-violent society amongst many violent and more technologically advanced planets. Anxious thoughts of “Are we going to be colonized?”, “What resources do we have in our land?”, and “Will we be able to survive?” roll through the Middle Earthians’ heads. We have no idea what will be in store for us in the four rounds of simulation to come.

                As round one begins the first task is exchanging dice with neighboring planets so that we may have multiple colors, the more colors we have, the more likely we will be able to avoid colonization and keep our people alive. Since we do not have Xanthro, we may only trade with the two planets next to us, SASNAK and Adidonad. We successfully gained two different colors then in white mix. As we wait for our neighboring planets to gain more colors so that we may trade again, we are approached by the planet Naeco as they stand on our power X, they challenge us with the dice. Knowing that they have Xanthro and that the amount of our dice is very small, we know our chances of coming out of this not colonized is very slim. We roll the die and lose, we are colonized. In our ‘land’ they find the resource (aluminum foil) that helps them make more Xanthro. Naeco  instructs us to cut up the resource into 1.5 by 1.5 squares, if we do, we will be fed. The people of Planet Earth did as we were told and gained one cheerio per person, we survived the first round!

                The second round began with our colonizers giving us another task: wrapping the resource from our planet around the resource from their planet (fruit loops). This work was extremely dangerous to our environment and to our people because the resource from our colonizer’s planet was radioactive. Once the task was complete we waited patiently to be fed, however we noticed our colonizer disappeared. We continued to wait and grew more anxious until the second round ended. There was still no sign of our colonizer, or our food. This meant we were all dead.

                Since we are all dead, that means there can be no interaction with our planet in round three of the simulation. All peoples of Middle Earth flee as refugees to other planets.

                As we all return before round four is about to begin, we notice that everything is gone. Our planet has gone into mass starvation with no subsistence from our colonizers.  After dangerous forced labor, and all resources including our scientific discovery of space travel has been taken from us. Sadly, this meant there was no longer a planet Middle Earth. And we as Middle Earthians no longer exist except as refugees.

All around us time is running out and there is a sudden announcement that Xanthro is killing all of the cheerio crops throughout the universe, therefore they have a limited amount of time before they have to discover a new way of travel. If no new discovery is found everyone dies. Unfortunately since we are already dead, we can do nothing to help. Within the last minute, Scientist Colin has found the solution to new travel and an abundance of cheerios is made available to all other living planets left.


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