The tribes of Middle Earth are a peaceful people so in tern their political system reflects in the same. 


Their culture highly values family relations which structures their tribes as small groups of closely related families. Because the societies aren’t complex this allows them to keep order through an uncentralized government system. The Middle-Earthen people consider each other equal. This egalitarian society gives both genders equal representation in political situations and decisions among the tribes. The Bushmen of southern Africa gives a good representation of this society. Like the Middle-Earth people the Bushmen also practice an egalitarian society. Not only that, their women also have just as much power as men and can even be leaders in their own family groups and hunt if so choose. 


In the Middle Earth society their are no appointed positions in government, but one highly respected individual. People look to her for words of wisdom, advice, and decisions. She is “Big Mama”. She is generally an older female, who with wisdom from her age helps guide her tribe. When decisions are needed to be made that affect the whole tribe a consensus is made hoping to compromise and please everyone. The Big Mama plays a role with her influence in these decisions by giving advice, but ultimately it is left to the people as a whole. In comparison to the “Big Man” of the Polynesian tribes, Big Mama also finds herself in power not from her own means, but from the organization and respect of the tribe. In this they willingly and knowingly give her an amount of soft power (influential) to sustain the order of the tribe. 


Although the Middle Earth people are a people of peace does not mean that conflict doesn’t exist. There is no law, but people are expected to follow an unwritten set of values. When there is a disagreement it is met by informal sanctions, consisting of gossip and witchcraft. If it is not settled through these means then Big Mama acts as a third party mediator to settle the issue finally. 


Relationships are highly valued and kept sacred. Middle earth people consider themselves equal with all, so when accepting foreigners they are more than glad to embrace them. 








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