Sim Summary

As the settlers of Planet Middle Earth await the start of the World simulation they assemble themselves (all eighteen of them) with purple shirts and jeans as well as a headband to represent the egalitarian equality amongst them all. The leader, ‘Big Mama’, is wearing all green distinctly setting herself apart to represent her direction

Social Organization

There are two types of societies, a stratified society and an egalitarian society. Many cultures strive to live in an egalitarian society because the concept behind it sounds more appealing, but its’ almost impossible to truly achieve. In an egalitarian society, everyone has equal rank, access to and power over the basic resources that support


Gender Gender is simplistically defined as the social differences between the sexes. Generally, in our culture today, the roles have been mixed and matched allowing anyone to take on characteristics of either role. In the past, the role of the male has been the head of the family, financial provider, spiritual leader, and the go-to


Every culture, despite being stratified or egalitarian, shares in common an action of expressing oneself in one way or another—Art. Art is defined by Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge  as the creative use of the human imagination to aesthetically interpret, express, and engage life, modifying experienced reality in the process. This universal expression takes form


The tribes of Middle Earth are a peaceful people so in tern their political system reflects in the same.    Their culture highly values family relations which structures their tribes as small groups of closely related families. Because the societies aren’t complex this allows them to keep order through an uncentralized government system. The Middle-Earthen


Religion is one of the oldest concepts of human life on earth but when and how it started varies from religion to religion. The most common answer is Judaism starting in 2000 BC: Time of Abraham, the patriarch of Israel, followed by leaders such Moses, Buddha and Jesus. We can say this event happened at